Data Privacy and Consent Declaration

The data-privacy declaration concerns the collection, processing, and use of your personal data in connection with registration for Abjadiyya Institute courses and activities via Abjadiyya Institute's web pages, and the conducting of the courses and activities themselves. 

The body responsible in the meaning of the data-privacy laws is the Abjadiyya Institute, based in Fes. If you have any questions or comments about this data-privacy declaration or data privacy in general, please contact specifically the Institute where you registered. You can make use of our Internet offerings without registering, for example if you only want information. In this case, no personal data are collected, processed, or used. To register for a course or examination, you must give various data when registering. Those data which are essential for us in booking and conducting the course or examination are mandatory information in the context of this registration. It is your choice whether to give additional information.  The collection of your data and their later use is done for the purpose of registration via the Internet, and for the purposes stated in the Declaration of Consent below. And we only share your data for the purposes given in this Declaration of Consent, and with the categories of recipients listed there. For technical reasons, other data are transmitted to us in the Internet, such as your IP address, the referrer, etc. These data transmitted to us by your computer or Web browser are, of course, only collected and used by us to the extent permitted by law. 

We regularly make use of the technique of Web browser “cookies” in order to enable you to log in automatically at a later visit, if you wish. We also use cookies to identify you when you move from one page to the next. If you have disabled cookies in your browser, you can still use our personalized Web offerings, but it is not possible to log in automatically. 


You can countermand the use of your data for market-research, advertising, and marketing purposes at any time. All that is required is an e-mail message with a corresponding notice to: abjadiyya-institute

Declaration of Consent

By my signature below, I consent to the transmission and storage by the Abjadiyya Institute of my personal data provided under the terms of my registration and in conjunction with the performance of future agreements to its headquarters in Fes, Morocco  and there to combine in its central customer database said data with any other of my personal data previously provided and stored there, if applicable. 

Furthermore, I consent to the use of my Data by the Abjadiyya Institute not only for performing the contractual agreement, but also for the purposes of market research, advertising and marketing associated with the range of services offered by the Abjadiyya Institute and, in particular, for providing relevant advertisements or surveys (“Information”), e.g., about new courses offered by the Abjadiyya Institute. 

Information may be sent to me at the contact address I have provided, either by post, by telephone, fax, e-mail, and/or text message (SMS). 

Data concerning examinations I have taken may also be transmitted to Abjadiyya Institute Central Administration for storage and use in the central examination archives (for a maximum period of 10 years) for verification purposes and for issuing duplicate certificates, as required. To the extent the Data relates to examinations entitling my foreign spouse to relocate here with me, I hereby authorize Abjadiyya Institute to confirm, at the request of the Moroccan authorities, the authenticity of a certificate I have submitted to a government agency. 

The Abjadiyya Institute will not use my Data for any other purpose than those specified in this consent agreement or provide any Data to a third party, unless there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse concerning the Data. 

I have been informed that I may revoke my permission to use my Data for market research, advertising and marketing purposes at any time.